Is there something missing from your life?

Do you wish that you were happier, had a more fulfilling life, had better relationships, love, joy and success in your life?

What would you do if you were able to understand how you got to the place in your life that you are now and what you can do now to move forward to where you want to be and have more of what you want instead of less?

If you knew what was holding you back would you make more empowering choices for your future?

One of my greatest pleasures is to work with my clients, helping them to literally transform their lives, to help them release unresolved grief and traumas be it from this lifetime or carried over from any past lives, help them to align themselves with their inner peace and happiness so that they may move forward and progress into living an empowered life. It gives me great joy and honor in being able to comfort, inspire, help transform and facilitate inner healing for them on all levels of their being. 

There are many ways to work with me, Intuitive Guidance Sessions Aura Readings and Angels & Fairies Card Readings. Whether you have specific questions about your relationships, career, family, finances, your life path or just looking for insights, intuitive guidance or direction, the answers are there for you. You don’t have to prepare any questionaires before hand, I can read your energy as soon as I connect with you. 

All Intuitive sessions offer insight and wisdom into your life lessons, your current life circumstances and any future life potential outcomes that offers windows of opportunities for profound healing and energetic shifting on all levels of your being for transformational healing and clarity. 

When Should You Seek Intuitive Guidance?

Whenever you want to see the bigger picture, broaden and enhance your perspective on your past, current and potential future life outcomes, challenges, souls purpose, conscious, subconscious programming that will give you the insights and assurance that you require in order to make more powerful decisions and choices with clarity, assurance and conscious intention. 

Tammy’s Intuitive Guidance offers you insights into your past, current and potential future outcomes, they are a look into all aspects of your energetic being that will allow you to discover important information about any blockages, challenges and issues you may be experiencing on  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This is a transformational journey with loving, accurate information to help in moving forward to living a more meaningful, joyful, happy and empowered life. 

  • When you feel stuck and want to release any blockages that limit you from living the empowered life that you deserve!

  • When understanding the potential outcomes of the choices you make and are faced with will help you to make better life empowering choices and decisions!


Sessions are available in half (30 minute) or full (60 minute) increments,

choose the one that is best for you. 

Jill aura pic

30 Min Intuitive Guidance Sessions $40.00 USD

60 Min Intuitive Guidance Sessions $80.00 USD

Angels & Fairies Card Readings $40.00 USD

30 Min Aura Reading Session $ 40.00 USD

60 Min Aura Reading Session $ 80.00 USD

NOTE: After your payment is processed, you will be directed to a page where you can choose a date and time for your session. Please add to your email address book. Payment may be made via paypal. 



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