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How do we attract certain people, relationships and events in our lives, past and present. What does the energetic attachment of these people, objects, relationships have in our lives, what memories and emotions do they hold for us. If we think about this it tells us a lot about who we are in the present. Not only does this apply to love, it applies to every aspect of our lives. Think about the people, and the events that have played an important role in your life, including material items. Ask yourself, what memory does it hold for you? If you let it go, what would change in your life? When we take a good look at the bigger picture of our lives we can learn why we do the things that we do. If we look back in hindsight at our lives with an open mind we can clearly see the events that have made us realize and learn certain aspects of ourselves. When we have that conscious awareness of what is truly going on underneath it all, we can then make new choices for ourselves. This new awareness can empower us and help us to lead a life filled with an abundance of joy, love and the true happiness that we seek.

When we look at the people and the experiences that have transpired in our lives and we ask ourselves what they have ignited (emotionally, energetically) inside us. Each and every one of those people (family members, love relationships, co-workers, neighbors) every event and experience that happens (past and current) is the catalyst to invoke an emotional and an energetic response inside us. When we say “Like attracts like”, this means that our vibration mirrors with someone or something else on an energetic level. Why is this relevant, because we attract what mirrors our own energetic vibration. Every event that has happened and every person that is in or has been in our lives has a purpose and that is to mirror our own reflection, our own energy back at us. Everyone we relate to, our families, and the relationships we have, every experience that we go through in our lives is a mirror, a reminder, an energetic match of our own vibration and what we project out into the world.

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