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A considerable amount of scientific research has been done in an effort to validate the existence of chakras. An electromyography, which is an instrument that measures the electrical activity of the muscles, was used to measure the human electromagnetic fields out put under many different conditions. It was discovered that the physical body would emanate radiation (light) from parts of the body that were associated with the different chakra locations. It was also discovered that certain levels of consciousness are linked with specific frequency vibrations.

There are several variations of chakra lore. This means that the interpretations of each chakra and the number of chakras that are used within those systems varies according to different cultures. For instance, the Classical Hindu (Bindu or the Soma) uses a seven-chakra system, the Tibetan six-chakra system and the Narayana (yoga derived) uses a nine-chakra system. The interpretations of each chakra depend upon cultural beliefs, ideals, philosophy and traditions.

Chakras have been described as “wheels of light”. They are portrayed as tiny vortexes of spinning energy that emanate or radiate from the front and back of the spinal (energy) column that runs from the head to the feet and beyond with the exception of the root/perineum chakras ( having only a downward direction/radiation) and the crown chakra (having only an upward direction/radiation). The front of the chakras relates to the conscious self and our immediate reality or current life experiences while the back of the chakra relates to the unconscious self, ancestral programs, feelings and spiritual matters such as past life experiences, higher dimensions and hidden knowledge.

Energy is information that moves. Each chakra carries information throughout the entire system into and out of the body. Every chakra has a unique influence on the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each energy center vibrates at its own frequency and spins (inner and outer rotations) at its own rate or velocity. This means that the information (energy) has a specific speed and frequency to it. Both Internal and external influences (data/information) that is being sent out from or received into each chakra affects and alters the way it functions within the entire chakra system. Varying speeds and frequencies (slower or faster) alter or change information which influences the chakras energetic balance and the way it runs or acts within the system (our bodies).

The following is a guideline of the” Twelve Chakras” with their varying influences:

#1) Earth Star-Located 12″ below the feet- 10th Chakra – ”earth grounding chakra” it locks and grounds one’s energy into the (earth) planet and anchors the physical body into time and space (geometric coordinates) of the planet and passes it into the body via the feet.

Expression: I EXIST

Mission: Legacies and the natural world.

Key Words: Drive, Energy.

#2) Foot Chakras- Located at the soles of the feet- 11th Chakra- They help us to create stable foundations for our physical existence. It relates to the ability to stay connected, grounded, receive earths energies, wisdom and guidance, facilitates connection between earth and the body- life force energy.

Mission: Life force energy.

Key Words: Groundedness, solid foundations.

#3) Knee Chakras- Located at behind knee caps-12th Chakra- It governs our strength of purpose and moving forward- progression on ones life path. It has been suggested that our karma is stored here in the knees (being able to move forward on our life path)

Mission: flexibility,Ability to change direction.

Key Words: Duality, Adaptability, Flexibility, Co-operation.

#4) Base / Root Chakra- Located at the Groin Area- 1st Chakra- It governs primal & survival instincts like fight or flight responses, physical energy, existence and vitality(stamina), it is the center of manifestation, home-physical space being supportive in your life & ancestral history, work & livelihood – provides good foundations and support (abundance) for you life, security & managing your finances.

Expression: I AM

Mission: Security and Survival.

Keywords: Memory, History – Ancestral, Current, Past lives, Response.

#5) Sacral / Navel Chakra- Located below the navel- 2nd Chakra- It governs our emotions – emotional identity, creativity, joy, guilt, pleasures, sexual desire,procreation and spiritual passion. It helps us to absorb and interpret our outer world and take in life force energy from the first chakra to create, feel and manifest. This chakra determines our reactions our inner and outer world.

Expression: I FEEL

Mission: Feelings and Creativity

Keywords: Creativity,Personal Pride, Emotions, Identity-family, Sexuality, Pleasure.

#6) Solar Plexus Chakra – Located above the navel – 3rd Chakra – It governs our personal power, will, self-discipline, self-esteem, our intentions. It is the center for our sense of smell and psychic ability (clairsentience) gut feelings- intuition. This center is associated with the Mind Grid ( subconscious mind) – our perception and beliefs, it is linked to the left brain hemisphere = our logic.

Expression: I DO

Mission: Mentality and Structure.

Keywords: Logic, Judgement, Will – Personal Power.

#7) Heart Chakra – Located at the Center of the Chest- 4th Chakra – It is associated with the sense of touch-connected with palm chakras 2 in each hand that are connected with the emotional body/thymus giving love and the etheric body/heart receiving love and hands on healing, compassion, healing, feelings of love, unconditional love & kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, transformation, acceptance, group consciousness, the psychic ability of empathy. It connects the physical side to the one’s spiritual side. It is physically connected to the lymphatic system which rules the entire immune system of the body. It is the bridge between the 3 lower chakras (physical) with the 3 higher chakras (spiritual).

Expression: I LOVE

Mission: Relationships and Healing

Keywords: Balance, Personal Love, Relationships, Harmony, Healing.

#7) Throat Chakra Complex- 3 chakras Located at the Lips, top of the Throat and lower Throat – 5th Chakra – It governs communications both hearing and speaking, it is linked to the sense of hearing and the psychic ability of clairaudience, psychic ability of both hearing or speaking via guided writing, channeling, trans- mediumship, and telepathy, our connection to higher will (souls expression) and the gateway to higher spiritual chakras, it relates to creative expression, judgement, expressing & receiving – “ask and you shall receive”- manifest ones goals, it is linked to the right side of the brain hemisphere and the creative functions of the mind.

Lip= Speaking one’s mind

Top of Throat- Personal Truths

Lower- Spiritual Truths- Channeling, connects body-mind and spirit

Expression: I EXPRESS

Mission:Communication and Guidance.

Keywords: Intentions, Desires, Expression.

#8) Third Eye / Brow Chakra – Located at the Center of the Brow – 6th Chakra – It governs wisdom, spiritual direction, seeing, imagination, second sight- intuitive perception,our perspective on how we see ourselves and others, expanded and multi-sensory awareness, discernment , insight, affects the synapses of the brain, the key to balanced operation of both hemispheres of the brain,

Expression: I SEE

Mission: Vision and Strategy.

Keywords:Seeing the bigger picture, Optimism, Expansion,Perception, Intuition.

#9) Crown Chakra – Located at the Top of the Head- 7th Chakra – This center relates to Wisdom, Karma, Timing, Realism, enlightenment, understanding (inner and outer self/person), connection to higher self, universal understanding and oneness, guidance, new ideas & thoughts, consciousness, awareness, humanitarianism, Inspiration.

Expression: I KNOW

Mission: Purpose and Spirituality.

Keywords: Karma, Wisdom, Divine Timing, Understanding, Enlightenment, Universal Connections-Consciousness.

#10) Upper Crown Chakra – Located 6′ above the head – 8th Chakra – It governs communication between the physical and spiritual realms (higher mental & spiritual facilities), gateway to higher dimensions – akashic records, conscious personal detachments, humanity, higher concepts and ideas

Mission: Universal Connection

Keywords: Eureka, Detachment

#10) Soul Star Chakra- Located 12′ above the head- 9th Chakra – It relates to Miracles, transcendence, unconditional love, faith, spiritual growth, ones soul blueprint, ones total skills and abilities learned from all life times, enlightenment, ascension

Mission: Souls programs and plans

Keywords: Faith, Universal & Unconditional Love, Spiritual Growth

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